NAMASPRAY Yoga Mat Spray


The use of aromatherapy during yoga supports the body, mind and spirit.

Aromatherapy essential oils chosen for this kit improve physical endurance, create a positive emotional state and help with mental clarity.

Applying Yoga Mat Spray to your yoga mat before and after your class will cleanse your mat of micro-organisms, stabilise and strengthen your practice, encourage the flow of chi and align your energy centres. By creating this motivationally aromatic atmosphere you will be enhancing your yoga experience.

Contains Essential Oils of –

Tea Tree: disinfects, deodorises, cleanses your mat thereby preventing illness

Peppermint: increases physical performance, deepens the breath, uplifting, inspiring and motivating

Juniper: for supple and toned muscles, releases negative thoughts

Orange: disinfectant, detoxifying, lymph stimulating, calming, de-stressing, brings a sense of fulfilment, warmth and spiritual nourishment to your yoga quest

Size: 100mls

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