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Our foam yoga mats and their delicious prints are the perfect place to begin your yoga journey or deepen a gentle practice or light exercise routine. Suited to less demanding, less sweaty practices and wellness pursuits, our foam mats make reliable, comfy companions. This mat is the perfect choice for you if:

  • you’re doing ‘drier’ styles of yoga like Hatha, Kundalini or Yin
  • you’re happy to do sweatier yoga or intensive exercises using a towel, knowing that foam mats become slippery when wet
  • you’re using the mat for more gentle styles of yoga, knowing that a foam mat of any variety will not stand up well over time to more ‘aggressive’ moves like jump backs, lunge jumps etc.
  • you are aware that foam mats of any variety are subject to wear and tear and will show signs of use over time
  • you prefer to practice or exercise with the softer, comfortable cushioning of a foam mat under you
  • you need an extra length mat
  • you’re looking for extra visual guidance from our symmetrical designs

This mat is:

– extra-length at 183cm x 61cm

– 6mm thick

– 1.8kgs

– made of phthalate and SCCP free PVC

– printed using non-toxic, solvent free UV cured inks

– best for non-sweaty yoga practices

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